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5 Artists to Check Out at the Beverly Hills artSHOW

Beverly Gardens Park, Beverly Hills, California.

The Beverly Hills artSHOW is an annual event that allows artists from across the nation to showcase their work. The mediums range from sculpture, to watercolor, to printmaking, to mixed media, and more. Located over four blocks of Beverly Gardens Park in the heart of Beverly Hills, the event is free to attend and is equipped with food trucks, a beer garden, and a separate wine garden, all of which include nearby shaded seating for the predicted hot weather on the weekend of May 20-21st.

Should you have the opportunity to attend the event today, keep an eye out for the following artists:

  1. Defective Barbie – Artist Christina Leta (alias Defective Barbie) has a knack for watercolor as her work embodies how she plays with women’s inner and outer beauty. The contradiction of the beauty of the subject and the charge of the emotions the subject is processing (that aren’t always as pretty) holds the viewer’s attention. The contradiction catches the viewer off guard because, on one hand, her artworks look as if they should be exhibited in a gallery that also contains a couture fashion show, but as the viewer delves into the subject’s expression, it becomes obvious that there’s more there than meets the eye.
  2. Mike Woodward Photography – Mike has been taking micro-photos of stones and fossils since he was a boy. The results are metal and traditional prints that capture the minute details of his subjects, highlighting colors and textures our eyes would normally miss. While perusing his gallery, a viewer immerses their focus in an artwork that looks like it could be part of a waterscape or a canyon, but once Mike approaches to explain that all of the images on display are micro-photos of stones, the reality baffles the viewer and the artwork is viewed with greater sense of depth that before.
  3. Jesse Fortune – This clever artist has explored a style he describes as a “nearly abstract, contemporary form of plein air painting” he’s dubbed Fortunism. While the artist exhibits impressive plein air work, he does take commissioned work, too. He can even fuse the two ideas and do a plein air painting of your wedding day. He sets up at the wedding venue early, starts working on the background for the piece, and spends the day finishing the work that immortalizes the couples’ likeness and energy/emotions captured, some may say better than a photograph.
  4. Sondra Wampler – This southern California native shows a true gift for mixed media art. Using photography, digital collage, acrylic, metal leaf and pigment transfer on panel, Sondra creates whimsical fantasy scenes. Her artwork grabs the viewer’s attention due to the images boldly placed in the foreground or invites the viewer into the artwork because of how she’s arranged the subjects to highlight the depth of the scene.
  5. Burton Gray – This formally educated oil painter is now a master of digital painting. After breaking away from oil painting in 2005 to solely pursue the digital medium, Burton has developed a style he calls “Living Art”. It’s a concept that revolves around an artwork growing and changing throughout the course of the artist’s life. With a large artwork of a black and white skull that should be on display in a master tattoo artist’s shop as inspiration to chase, Burton’s booth indicates the artist has developed a stunning repertoire of formal surrealism, animals, and sad robots.

The Beverly Hills artSHOW is open for its final day today from 10am to 6pm. For parking, please check out the parking map to navigate to a free spot. The trek to Beverly Gardens Park was truly worth the treat of discovering so many talented artists in one place. If you attend, feel free to share your favorite artist in the comments below.

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