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About Me

My name is Allison Fagundes.FullSizeRender

As you may have cleverly guessed from the title of my website, I am tall (6’0”).

Once people realize this upon meeting me, the proceeding conversation goes something like this on my end:

“Yes, it is awesome.”

“Yes, I do wear heels.”

“Yes, that makes me really tall.”

“Yes, I played basketball and volleyball in high school.”

“No I don’t only date tall guys.”

“No, it doesn’t feel weird standing next to them if they are shorter.”

“Well, that’s their problem.”

I’ve had guys freak out about my height because they couldn’t ‘deal’ with me being an (awesome) Amazon, and I have had really short friends holler at me for not choosing to wear flat shoes when I go out with them for a night on the town.

Thankfully, I have a tough time hearing their yammering from way up here 😉

Although my altitude level varies from day to day, one thing is certain: My life is never boring, so I must share my adventures.

By day, I work as an Executive Legal Assistant at a prestigious law firm in Century City that adequately reminds me of HBO’s Suits. By night, I moonlight as a part-time CEO, scheming to take over the world one awesome pair-of-cans at a time.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for twelve years, now, and before that I lived and grew-up in a small farm town in Central California. Moving to LA was a bit of culture shock for a small town kid who wanted to get into the fashion industry. I attended FIDM’s DTLA campus where I finished their AA program, and transferred to LMU to finish undergrad with a BA in Art History and a minor in Business Administration.

I’ve bounced from the fashion industry, to entertainment, to law, and back to fashion. I will admit, all of my experiences have served me well and have set me up to run my own business, no matter how bad of a train wreck the job might’ve been at the time.

I also consider my curve-ball with thyroid cancer an obstacle that made me stronger. I tend to cut through the BS in life (aka problems that aren’t real problems) and process situations as they are and not as the emotions they stir in me. It’s a mindset that keeps me focused, motivated, happier, and drama-free.

As I get my start-up funded and transition to the life of a full-time entrepreneur, I am here to share in the shenanigans that unfold in my life, whether I’m cruising Sunset Boulevard on a Friday night in a fire truck, dancing the night away in West Hollywood, sharing my ecstatic rants regarding the latest Marvel movie theater release, or anything in between.

Let the adventures continue!