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Dawn of the Roommate

I am in the process of finding my dream roommate. The cool chick that is a morning person, too, and has respect for other people’s personal space. That girl. That’s the one I am looking for.

I haven’t had a roommate in 10 years, due to one crazy one who “ruined” my capacity to allow anyone else in my personal living space for extended periods of time. Once I told my parents that I have started to look for a roommate, one parent said the following to the other, “She hasn’t had a roommate in 10 years! This isn’t going to work!”

Thanks for the faith, guys.

See, I need to change my living situation in order to continue to live in my neighborhood, because 1 bedroom apartments are starting at $2,395, now. That’s a 30% increase that I cannot handle.

This morning, a rental website kicked a rental opportunity out to me for my neighborhood. The listing is for a 1 bedroom apartment to rent for $3,395.

Come again?


That must be a typo.

I understand that the real estate market here in Los Angeles is on the upswing, even though available properties are getting scarce. Because of that scarcity, rent is starting to sky-rocket. The fact that tech companies have moved/are moving into Playa Vista (aka Silicon Beach area) has encouraged developers to build new apartments, and it has encouraged current building owners to completely renovate their buildings, which helps with the price-hike, too.

The building I currently reside in is a building that is beginning the renovation process. I called the Rent Control Hotline to make sure this process was on the up-and-up. It turns out, because of where the building is located, the new building owner doesn’t have to allot us tenants funds to help us move. Instead, this speed-bump is being smoothed over by encouraging us to stay through the renovation process and pay the new rate once our units are renovated. This would cause tenants to move twice. Last I checked, people didn’t like moving at all.

Considering the problems that can happen with construction, the unreliability of the leasing office, and my jerk of an upstairs neighbor, who likes to start vacuuming at 11 o’clock at night, I think it’s time I wash my hands of this building and its ridiculousness. Oh, and the massive cockroaches are pretty convincing reason to move, too.

Also, after reading Al Uvaroff’s article, “What are some lifestyle changes that save money?”  I see this roomie-opportunity as a way to save money and avoid “lifestyle inflation”, which is very easy to slip into when living in Los Angeles.

So the time has come to decide on what I am going to sacrifice in order to continue to reside in my beautiful neighborhood of Marina del Rey. Let’s face it, you can’t have 100% of what you want all the time. After coming to terms with this, I and am now ok with sharing a living space with someone, again, as well as parting with material items that don’t have the value to me they once did. Liquidating these items will probably be a chore, but worth it in the end.

There are two rental/roommate opportunities that have fallen into my lap that sound very promising. I have a feeling my search is over and all I need to do is decide from these 2 professional women, along with the spaces they offer. I am meeting both of them this weekend, and am already relived to know that the question of “Where am I going to live?” will be answered very soon.

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