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Deadpool: The Review

The sigh of relief that came over me when I read about the announcement that Fox Studios would release a Deadpool movie was palpable. Like so many fans, I was disappointed with the screw-ups done to Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And, honestly, I am not a patient person, but for this movie I could convince myself i could make it to opening day for Deadpool without losing my sanity.

The movie about the merc with the mouth was well worth the wait. Finally, the character from a very dark, gritty time in the comic universe has his own movie, and he didn’t disappoint the fans, even in spite of the small budget the production was allotted.

When the film started, I got lost in taking in the slow-motion opening scene as my brain was getting ready for all the live action that would be in store for the audience. As I was doing that, it turns out there were details I was missing (already!), which was triggered by over half the audience chuckling through the first few minutes of the movie. I didn’t catch on until I focused beyond the action of the scene. I wasn’t ready to laugh that hard so soon. Here’s a hint: read the opening credits. You’re welcome.

Similarly to how Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark, no one could have played Wade Wilson nearly as well as Ryan Reynolds. He was able to encompass and effectively portray the sarcasm, the jokes, the tea-bagging, the ruthlessness, the quick switch to extreme behaviors, all which is expected to be present in Marvel’s favorite anti-hero.

Jabs at Fox Studios were sprinkled throughout the film, usually when Deadpool broke the fourth wall, and hopefully this is enough to nudge the studio to loosen their purse strings as it goes into production for Deadpool 2.

I truly enjoyed the action sequences because the camerawork and the choreography blended together very well. It definitely came across as important that Deadpool’s acrobatics and lethal abilities, along with showing how effortless it is for him to cause the maximum amount of damage, be present in the same shot.

Should you stay after the ending credits? Um, yes. That’s pretty much mandatory considering teasers have been a consistent trend across all of Marvel’s film releases since the first Iron Man movie where Tony Stark wanders into his living room to find Nick Fury waiting for him so he can begin to have the conversation with the bajillionaire about the Avengers Initiative. Plus, at the end of this film, for those of you who have seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you will appreciate the nod.

After seeing this film, it made me look forward to dynamics between certain characters that I hope to see in the future, like between Wolverine and Deadpool, or Spiderman and Deadpool. I want nothing more than to see Logan pissed off at Wade for not following orders, or for Parker who always seems to “get stuck” with Wade.

Overall, I’m very happy. This is the first film in years that I will pay to see in theaters more than once.

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