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The Death of a Dell and a Decade

This entry was originally published on my author platform and can be viewed here. Also, I am still looking for PC laptop recommendations, including ones made by Dell, so feel free to share your suggestions in the comments. 

Here lies the last blog entry from my 2006 Dell Studio Notebook. It has loyally served my creative endeavors for the past eleven years. My refurbished partner-in-crime saw the highs and lows of my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator adventures that resulted in design flats of my first swimwear collection. Long after burning through the battery that no longer managed to stay attached to the body of the notebook (due to tough love), it trekked on as I began my first novel project.

I didn’t realize my notebook appeared archaic to others until I spoke to a friend who worked at Best Buy for ten years. I recall him barely able to contain his surprise that the notebook still operated at all, and hadn’t yet met its demise years ago. I explained to him that I don’t succumb to lifestyle inflation (read: buying new stuff just to buy new stuff when your old stuff still works fine). He claimed he understood my reasoning, but it was me that didn’t understand that my notebook is beyond old in tech years and I should start shopping for a new one.

Sadly, I know he’s right. My notebook operates at a snail crawl because the memory is maxed-out due to years of multi-tasking and large file sizes. As a result, the poor thing cannot handle me using Photoshop and Microsoft Word at the same time anymore. I must choose and execute my to-do list one item at a time because of this limitation, causing it to take longer to complete my tasks.

Even though it’s time for us to part ways, nostalgia sweeps over me as I recall how happy I was when I first purchased it on From that point on, my laptop always appeared new in my eyes and our adventures began strong. I’ve used it to apply to jobs I was excited to discover. I chatted with friends who live far away. I’ve contacted manufacturers to get quotes for my swimwear collection. And now? Now, I’m using it to set-up the files to self-publish my first novel in Createspace and KDP. Then, it’ll be time for its official retirement.

Now, I must shop for the future I envision for myself, starting with the adventures already unfolding for me in 2017. I will need a notebook that can travel with me, hold a lot of content, make friends with DropBox, and handle the awesomeness that is Adobe Creative Cloud with ease.

Any recommendations?

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