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Should I send you unsolicited advice?
No. Thou shalt not “should” on me.

Do you prefer that I address you as Allison, Amazon, or Ms. Fagundes?
I prefer you that you address me as Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Allison, Empress of (insert name of decent-size country here).

Should I pray for you?

Yes. Daily.

Why didn’t you start this blog earlier?

I was too busy not listening to my mother. Hi, Mom! <3

I’m a guy reading your site and after reading all the awesomeness of your life, I find myself wanting to give up the unlimited, albeit bat-shit-crazy, options of the Tinderverse and take you out on a date.  Would you go out with me while I give my most heartfelt, full of longing gaze straight into my iPhone all night as I wait for my ex to text me back?

You lost me at guy.

If I have questions not answered here, to which email address should I send them?